Fulfillment Module

FAQs General

How can I cut down on production time, save money and prevent errors?

  • Include a hard-copy printout with your job so that we can spot discrepancies in your file.
  • Stick with standard ink colors, paper choices, and product sizes and formats.
  • Be open to suggestions. For example, reducing a piece by 1/16" could mean a better fit on the press sheet and a savings in paper.
  • Specify "bleeds" or "no bleeds" at estimating stage, keeping in mind that bleeds require larger sheets and create more waste.
  • Avoid alteration charges by getting your specifications and files right the first time.
  • Request PDF proofs, which save time and money over hard-copy proofs.
  • Ask if your job requires outsourcing. Keeping the job under one roof will save you money.
  • Avoid three-color jobs, sticking with two- or four-color jobs for the best price.
  • Design your job with bindery in mind. For example, avoid type running across a score, or borders around the perimeter of a piece which may look uneven after trimming.
  • Keep your mail lists current and accurate to avoid wasting printed pieces on bad addresses or duplicates.

Your Brenneman Account Representative can suggest ways to save you time and money!

What are "Change Orders" and why do you use them?

  • If there are changes to your job along the way, we evaluate them and calculate any corresponding adjustments in price (which could go up or down, depending on what the change is). The change order notification serves two purposes: (1) It is a way to keep you informed, so that there are no surprises when you receive the final invoice; and (2) it provides an opportunity for you to question an additional charge at a point in time when it's fresh in everyone's mind. We appreciate and value such inquiries.

What are "Author's Alterations" (AAs)?

  • These are changes made by the print buyer to a job that is in production. More often than not the buyer will be charged for these changes. Make sure you thoroughly check the copy, art, job specifications and quantity before submitting the job to us.

Is online ordering available?

  • Online ordering is available and is customized for each client. To establish online ordering, simply complete a brief questionnaire which will result in a proposal. Ask your Brenneman Account Representative for the questionnaire.

What about privacy and security?

Our policy safeguards the use of data that contains sensitive/confidential information including financial data, donor information and protected health information (HIPAA and PHI).

  • Your information is used only to contact you when necessary; it is not shared with any other company or organization.
  • Jobs containing personalized, sensitive or confidential information are tagged with a flag memo with instructions to shred/destroy any "make-ready" or "overs" related to the job.
  • Access to sensitive/confidential information is restricted to ensure integrity of information and minimize the risk of compromising confidentiality.
  • Only authorized personnel are permitted to handle or extract information/data.
  • Printing or electronic faxing of records that contain sensitive information is not permitted.
  • Proper communication channels are used to transport records, and encryption is applied when necessary.
  • Encrypted e-mail and SSL encrypted websites with password are most commonly used for transfer of information.
  • Confidentiality agreements and SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures) for each account are published on our internal intranet.
  • Brenneman has a Data Security Officer who is responsible for protecting and securing data to ensure compliance with HIPAA and PHI.

What are your organization's practices for going green?

  • All of our paper scrap/waste is recycled, and we use vegetable-based inks. We provide information about the various recycled papers that are available, and we contribute to the overall green process every time we encourage our clients to use recycled paper. 

How long do you keep electronic files?

We store your electronic files in one of the following ways:

  • 3 Years - Material likely to reprint will be saved for three years. Based upon our experience, most projects that reprint will do so within that time frame. On a cyclical basis, all job-related information and electronic files will be purged after three years. If you would like your files stored longer than three years, please notify your customer service representative.
  • Repository - This storage solution is ideal for complete jobs or partial components that will be reused frequently over the long term. Logos, graphics or photos that may be used in multiple projects will be filed here.

Additionally, we offer a CD creation service, providing you a CD containing all final production files.

We encourage your input as to the most appropriate storage solution for each of your projects.