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What does it mean when a paper is a "mill item"?

  • A "mill item" is a paper which is not kept in stock by the paper vendor and has to be obtained directly from the mill, which has two ramifications: (1) It has to be ordered in full cartons, which is more than is needed, and (2) it could take three to four days or longer to be delivered.

When should I use coated vs. uncoated paper? What is the cost difference?

  • Coated stocks are available in text and cover weights in gloss, dull, matte or silk finish. Gloss coating makes images look more vibrant and is a good choice for printing photographs. Large amounts of text on gloss coating, however, can tire the eyes; one option is to choose matte-coated paper, and if there are photographs, coat them with a spot gloss varnish.
  • Uncoated paper, which is classified as bond or offset, is more porous than coated stocks. Because the ink is absorbed more quickly into the paper fibers, it stays damp longer and has a tendency to scuff (rub off). Uncoated stocks are easier to write on, as the porous surface accepts the ink more readily than a coated stock.
  • Our uncoated house sheet costs about 10% more than our coated house sheet.

What's the difference between pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled paper?

  • Pre-consumer products have been made by recycling scraps from the manufacturing process which have not been used by the consumer yet.
  • Post-consumer products use material that has previously been used by the consumer and now has been made into something new. Although some papers contain 100% recycled fiber, papermakers will often combine various amounts of recycled fiber with new fiber to produce paper of the desired grade and quality. Post-consumer waste usually has to be de-inked and bleached to make higher-quality papers.

Is 100% recycled paper available?

  • It is available in matte- and silk-coated (not gloss) and uncoated paper, and is more expensive than papers with partially-recycled content. Our house stock is 25% recycled.