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FAQs Mailing

What do I need to know about direct mail and postal standards?

  • Our staff is trained in USPS mail requirements. We can help you select the best mail list for your needs and work with you to get your mailpiece designed and printed properly.

Does Brenneman have a USPS Mailpiece Quality Control Certified Specialist on staff?

  • Yes! The Mailpiece Quality Control Certification is a program developed by the United States Postal Service for mailpiece design. Our mailing specialist completed a self-study course and passed a certification exam, in order to become certified in understanding the acceptance requirements for mail processed through the USPS. Quick responses to questions about mailpiece design considerations and USPS regulations result in faster processing and delivery of mailpieces at the best rates.

In what format should I send my data for mailing?

  • Microsoft Excel and Access Database files
  • ASCI text files
  • Comma delimited files
  • Tab delimited files
  • Any dbase program

How does Brenneman handle postage costs?

  • Our mailing services estimates do not include postage charged by the United States Postal Service (USPS). This is always a separate fee. Our mailing services include CASS certification, postal sortation, inkjetting, tabbing, sealing, traying and delivery to the post office. All of these services are transacted between the client and Brenneman Printing, Inc.
  • Postage costs are a transaction between the USPS and the client (not Brenneman). The postage costs are payable to the Postmaster and cannot be invoiced by Brenneman. Upon processing the database(s), Brenneman will calculate the USPS postage charges and notify the client of the postage due.

What does CASS and NCOA processing mean?

  • CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) compares the customer address information with the USPS address database. If an exact match is found, then a nine digit zip is assigned, allowing for automation postage rates.
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) compares the customer address information with the USPS Move Update Database. If an exact match is found, then the customer's address information is updated with the new address.

What is the least expensive postage rate?

  • Presort Standard is the least expensive for letter size (6.25"x11.5") and flat size.

What are the minimum quantities required for each class?

  • 1st Class Presort - 500 pieces
  • Presort Standard - 200 pieces
  • First Class - no minimum

What is the best size for a postcard mailing?

  • First Class or Presorted First Class mailings have a "Postcard size" postage rate but with very specific size limits. The piece must be no smaller than 5" x 3.5", and no larger than 6" x 4.25".
  • The maximum size for Presorted Standard Mail is 11.5" x 6.125". You will want to consider the aspect ratio before you make your final determination on size.
  • To obtain the lowest automation-compatible postage rates, your mailpiece must meet the USPS's "Aspect Ratio" requirement; that is, the length to width ratio must fall between 1.3 and 2.5. You can determine this by dividing the length of your piece by the width. For example, a 8.5" x 5.5" postcard has an aspect ratio of 1.54 (8.5" / 5.5"), which falls in the acceptable range for the best automation discounts.
  • One more critical element: If the size of your postcard falls between 5" x 3.5" and 6" x 4.25", then your paper stock must be at least .007" (seven thousandths) of an inch thick. Postcards larger than 6" x 4.25" must be .009" (nine thousandths) of an inch thick.
  • Your mailing service charges are the same regardless of the postcard size. An 8.5" x 5.5" postcard will stand out better than a 6" x 4" postcard, give you more space to deliver your message, and cost no more in postage when you mail at Presorted Standard rates.

What if I don't have a US Postage Paid Permit Number?

  • You may use Brenneman's postal permit (indicia) - available at no additional cost (a savings of $350 per year)