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Direct Mail Services

Targeted direct mail is one of the most effective ways to market your products and services to prospects or existing customers. We can be your partner in direct mail success with services such as:

  • Maintaining mailing lists and customer databases
  • Adherence to post office standards
  • Mail pre-sorting for the lowest possible postage rates
  • Inserting
  • Ink jet addressing
  • Tabbing and wafer sealing
  • Hand inserting for non-standard mailings

USPS Mail Design Professional Certification

Brenneman Printing has a USPS Certified Mail Design Professional on staff!

The Mail Design Professional Certification is a program developed by the United States Postal Service for mailpiece design. These mailing professionals must complete a self-study course and pass a certification exam, after which they may become certified as understanding the acceptance requirements for mail processed through the USPS.

  • Quick responses to questions about mailpiece design considerations and USPS regulations regarding:
    • Barcodes
    • Mailability of all mail classes, including Periodicals
    • Automation requirements
    • Special services (e.g., signature and delivery confirmation)
    • Internal Quality Assurance procedures for physical mailpiece design Indicias
  • Assistance in interpreting and locating postal regulations
  • Recommendations, consultations on presorting alternatives, and presort analysis
  • Analysis of discount and payment options
  • Faster processing and delivery of mailpieces at the best rates

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Brenneman offers Every Door Direct Mail® from the U.S. Postal Service®. EDDM is designed to help you reach every home, every address, every time. You tell us the zip code areas you wish to reach and we do the rest. You benefit from reduced postage costs and you avoid the expense of a mail list.

Reach the customers who matter the most to your business in nearby neighborhoods. You don't even need to know names or street addresses. Simply identify the neighborhoods you want to target and your printed piece will be delivered to every active address in your target area. And now, with demographic information (i.e. age, household income and size) available for delivery routes, you can select delivery routes containing the customers you want to reach.

Brenneman will send your mailing using our permit number. We take care of the mail preparation and delivering it to the post office. It couldn't be easier!

Basic information about EDDM:

Maximum: 15" long, 12" high, .75" thick
Minimum: >10.5" long OR >6.125" high OR >.25" thick

Acceptable dimensions of a flat:
Rectangular with four square corners or finished corners that do not exceed a radius of .125". (A square is considered a rectangle.) Must be one of the following: More than 10.5" in length OR 6.125" in height OR .25" thick.

Note: To be considered a flat, a mail piece must exceed only one of the dimension minimums but be within all flat maximums; otherwise, it is a parcel. Minimum thickness is .007" (about three sheets of paper) and minimum height is 3.5".

Maximum weight of a flat:
3.3 oz. maximum weight when submitted at a local Post Office.

Have questions? We have a USPS Certified Mail Design Professional on staff to answer your questions. Call today and we will get you started on your mailing.

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Variable Data Printing

Personalization and customization can give a boost to the response you get from direct mail!

Our variable data printing makes it possible for you to personalize your mail with names, addresses, photos, colors, logos, and content.

Go to the Contact Us page and set up a meeting with us to discuss how Variable Data Printing can make your direct mail more effective!